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Why there is a work for Chatbot Agencies and chatbots are so beneficial?

1 %
Prefer chat

Up to 65% of customers prefer to chat with the company then make a call. Half of the customers think that businesses should be available 24/7. Not all companies could hire 24/7 support agents but they can hire a chatbot agency and solve this issue оnce and for all.



 72 % of smartphone owners use 7 apps per day. At least one of them – is the messenger. Communicating through messenger – is a more organic way for customers, than by stand-alone mobile app or phone calls. What other reasons do you need to create a chatbot? If you are not experienced in it – better call Saul…Chatbots agency 89Bots)


According to a recent poll, the average American checks their phone every 6.5 minutes, roughly 150 times a day, and never block messenger notifications. It proves that users trust this communication channel and you can’t ignore using the power of chatbot automation.

What is a Chatbot Agency and what benefits does it have?

When we are talking about something new – there is always a place for lack of knowledge. A good decision for business – is to ask for experts help. The Chatbot Agency that you choose should be a development provider in tight niche with additional expertise in sales, lead generation, customer support and marketing.

"Why it's better to go to a Chatbot Agency instead of creating a chatbot by yourself?"

There are 3 main reasons for it:


Get it Done

Chatbot Agency 89Bots will take your pain of learning chatbot platforms – save your time and money. You will get the ready decision that you could tune-up in the future


Done in Best way

Chatbot agency uses all their previous experience, best practice, and save you from tonnes of beginners mistakes, lost leads, angry customers.


With Best support

Support and modification of your bots could be much easier if you work with the Chatbot Agency. No matter you need to start a new ads-campaign or implemented new services – Chatbot Agency 89Bots will help you with it.

be ready to grow with

Chatbots benefits

Chatbots help numerous industries to automate processes and be closer to the customer. Here are the main benefits of chatbots integrated systems.

Increase sales conversions

With Up-Selling and Cross-Selling customer service chatbots you can increase the number of orders and improve consumer relationships.

24/7 -Chatbot works for you

Customers never sleeps and your team - does. We will create chatbot that stay online with your customer while your sales and support unavailable. It will help you to increase loyalty, efficient of your ads campains and LTV of your customers.

Save costs

Chatbot can save up to 30% in customer support cost by speeding up response time and answering up to 80% of routine questions

Automate pipelines

You will never forget to follow-up your customer or get a feed-back from your client - automated fuels will do it for you. It will help you to icrease your sales and now your customers needs.


Chatbots suit best for:

As an experienced Chatbot Agency we create a digital instrument for

Selling products

Walk your customer through the buyer's journey - from first touch to order checkout - all within Messengers Chatbots

Qualifying Leads

Your potential customers answer questions and provide their contact info to Chatbot.

Sending Coupon Codes

Chatbot will not forget to send your customers coupons and special offers to bring them back to your sales pipeline.

Re-Marketing to Cart Abandonment

Remind customers trough the Chatbot about items they forgot to purchase and even sweeten the deal with last-minute coupons and offers.

Quoting Customers

Send customers an on-demand quote. Get notified about leads that are ready to close on a contract with all the details already worked out.

Answering questions

24h support with multilingual bot that will answer the most recent clients questions in the moment or connect them to operator.

Learn From Other Business Owners

They did it - and you could too!

We reduced the number of operators from 7 to 2, while increasing the number of orders - it saved us up to 12 000$ per month. Now the chatbot reminds our customers to order water. It also analyzes the customer's water consumption and suggests delivering more water when the number of orders increases - thereby saving money on logistics. After 3 months of work with Chat bot Agency 89Bots we have increased our turnaround in 1.5 times.

Alex Broux Water delivery service. Owner.
Client Image

We were getting ready for the opening of a new barbershop and decided to conduct a local advertising campaign with chatbots. That's why we have asked Chatbot Agency 89Bots to help us with chatbot automation. The advertisement campaign was 400% more successful, as we interacted with new customers not only with one touch of advertising but also with repeated reminders in a few days after the first touch. After this success, we have left chatbots for regular advertising campaigns.

Chester Hunting Burbershop Owner
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With the growth of students number, it has become important to withstand the workload of the support service during peak hours and when advertising works. The questions from customers are very repeated so there is no sense to grow the support team. The good way is to split these customers it two flows - with usual questions and those who need live support. We've come to chatbots as they answer 90% of our clients' questions and never forget to follow and offer a discount. In this case, the chatbot agency 89Bots did their work awesome. They made pre-check questions flow so there were needed just several support agents so we have saved a lot of money and provided awesome support.

Avi Israel eLearning platform. CEO
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Most frequent questions and answers

The chatbot is a software system or algorithm that could simulate human conversation by text or voice. A chatbot could be based on AI and NLP or just move your customer through the funnel by the algorithm and follow-ups.

There are two possible scenarios for using chatbots – custom support and RPA. In the first case, the main task of the chatbot is to communicate and provide answers to the user. In the second, the whole program logic can stand behind the chatbot and the chat with the bot in this situation will act as the user interface for the user.

The main and most important advantage is that the open rate of messages from the chatbot reaches 90%. This means that if a message was sent to the user, sooner or later he will open and read it, as he constantly uses the messenger.
The second advantage is that chatbots are often a more economical mailing option, since you work with your own audience and do not need paid third-party mailings.

If your business has a queue for support, it means that customers are already unhappy. Nobody likes to wait. But if you offer your customers to solve the problem faster, almost instantly, this will increase their loyalty to you! According to statistics, about 70-80% of requests to support are typical. Having started a chatbot to deal with them, you will significantly speed up the process of customer support and enable operators to solve only non-standard problems of your customers, to which the chatbot did not have answers.

First of all, we will connect the chatbot on the web page and link it to the messenger bot of your company profile on Facebook. In addition to FB, you can create a bot in other messengers popular for your audience – Whatsup, Viber, Telegram and others.

As a matter of fact, as an enterprise, startup, or individual, you may not have the required time or experience to configure and build a bot, even on a beautiful easy-to-use interface. So if you are not going to dive into bot development as a profession and just need a good made, working, and efficient bot – better work with a chatbot agency, 89Bots for example.

Sure it’s possible. And it’s even better than site chats where you are asking the email for identifying, cause user could ask/answer using his Facebook profile without additional signing in.

Make your business grow again with the power of Chatbots!

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